Tuesday, October 19, 2004

How to Access Simmons Choices III

Until further notice, please be advised that there is no longer a direct link to Simmons Choices III from the alphabetical listing of databases located at the "Information Resources page". In order to access Simmons Choices III, you will need to go to:

"Information Resources page" then click on "Databases by Subject" >"Networked CD-ROMs" >"Simmons Choices III-2001".

You should also refer users to an online tutorial of the new Choices III search interface which is available at University of Tennessee Libraries at http://www.lib.utk.edu/refs/business/simmons.html. I will be completing a revised version of my "Guidelines to using Simmons" which will incorporate changes to the search interface.

Bear in mind, you may access all other marketing CD-ROMs, namely Mediamark Reporter (MRI) and CMR ADSpender, in the same manner.

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