Friday, November 12, 2004

Research Consultation Clinics

As we approach the third week of the Research Consultation Clinics, I wanted to highlight a few key points to bear in mind:
  • Be sure to encourage students who attend clinics to complete the survey form. They can deposit this form in a silver box located at the reference desk near the self-check out machine.
  • Consider referring students with involved research projects who you may encounter to sign-up for the Research Consultation Clinics. The sign-up form can be found at the "Instruction" page of the library's web site.
  • If the scheduled dates and times are not amenable to some students, you can suggest that they e-mail me directly at with suggested dates and times. I need at least 4 days notice to arrange a requested session.
  • If you encounter any problems during the course of the clinic sessions, especially if you are running overtime with another student or have walk-ins, feel free to call me at ext. 1616. I can work with the student or at least, find someone who can.

Thanks for your commitment to the clinics!

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