Friday, December 02, 2005

Help using Simmons Choices III and MRI

I wanted remind librarians about two useful resources to refer students to who need help in creating reports in Simmons Choices III or MRI:

1. Simmons Choices III tutorial at Tennessee Libraries:
Tennessee Libraries has created a useful tutorial on how to construct a report using the Choices III interface. You can refer students to I have placed hard copies of this tutorial in the filing cabinet at the Reference Desk under the title, "Simmons Choices III Tutorial". Librarians too, should feel free to review this tutorial to get better acquainted with the new interface and the basics for creating reports in Simmons.

2. Handouts on E-Reserves:
Under course code "Mkt 0000", I have placed a group of handouts that may be helpful to students learning to use Simmons or MRI. Most of the material is in pdf. The information available for Simmons corresponds to the old interface known as Choices II. However, some of this information contains chart analysis which is still highly relevant. All the MRI material is still useful and should be recommended without reservation.

If students need further assistance than what you are able to offer, please do not hesitate to give them my e-mail information to arrange an appointment. This has always worked in past semesters and I accept it as part of my outreach commitment to the marketing discipline.

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