Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Basics for Accessing the New MRI Plus and upcoming workshop on 1/30

MRI Plus, the new web-based version of Mediamark Reporter or MRI is now available from the Information Resources page at the Newman Library web site. As a web-based product, the Baruch community can gain remote access to the database and create reports in a new dynamic step-by-step interface.

Those interested in creating reports that show the correlation between consumer groups and products, services or media, can now take advantage of 2004 data. You will be happy to know that they have expanded the type of reports available beyond the general report to now give you access to specialized reports in the areas of teen marketing, B2B, upperdeck, and 10 local US markets.

To access, please note that all users will have to register individually with their unique login for access which consists of their Baruch email address and a password.

Once you sign in, look for a button that is titled, "Mediamark Reporter" to click on. This will then present you with the various report volumes to select from. You will then be lead through a process of making successive choices in constructing a full report.

I am working to post the tutorial for this product on Electronic Reserves under course code MKT 0000 where it will be titled, "MRI Plus Tutorial". It will be available in the next 24 hours.

All library faculty are welcome to attend a workshop on using Simmons Choices III and MRI Plus this upcoming Monday, January 30 from 6-8pm in Rm 135. Please RSVP to myself or Louise Klusek.

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