Thursday, June 29, 2006

Books on information

Following up on Diane's suggestion that we share with her recommendations for books to purchase on topics related to information science (information retrieval, information seeking behavior, information architecture, etc.), I'd like to recommend this book:

Fisher, Karen E., Sanda Erdelez, and Lynne McKechnie, eds. Theories of information behavior. Medford, NJ: Published for the American Society for Information Science and Technology by Information Today, 2005.

Details here.

Lexis-Nexis Academic getting new interface

A beta version will be available January 2007 and the final version ready by summer 2007. Details in this brief article from EContent.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ulrich's web down for server maintenance

Per CSA, Ulrich's web will be down for maintenance from approximately 9 a.m. EST on July 1st thru 2 p.m. EST on July 2nd.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Correction: Scanner for Visually Impaired

The machine for the visually impaired that Rita blogged about recently and that is now at the computer stations behind the reference desk is a Kurzweil system that converts text to audio and "speaks the text aloud." Disabled students might bring their own headphones or they can borrow them from the circulation desk.

Blog posts on events at ALA annual meeting

If you were unable to attend ALA, you can read blog postings by others who reported on meetings, workshops, etc. that they attended. Find them here on the ALA2006 conference wiki.

Alternatively, you can visit the blogs of those who said on the conference wiki that they'd be blogging the event.

And yet another way to find blog posts: by searching Technorati for the ALA2006 tag.

Databases requiring user to set up free account

I just added some info to the section on technical problems in the Databases page of the wiki in which I list the databases that force the user to first set up an account of some kind before access is allowed. Those databases are:
  • Audit Analytics
  • IT Pro (Books 24x7)
  • NetLibrary
If there are other databases like this, please update the wiki or let me know.

Scanner by computer for students with disabilities

Yesterday Ester Ramos told me that a scanner has been temporarily placed by the reference area computer for students with disabilities. This will enable a student with disabilities who is taking evening classes this summer to use the scanner after class (when the library's access service office is closed.) The details and password are being worked out by the campus office for students with disabilities and Access Services.

Friday, June 23, 2006

World Data Analyst

The Encyclopedia Britannica has a section on world data, called World Data. The link appears on the left side menu. With this you can create your own tables with comparative data, compile ranked statistics or simply get country information.

A-Z index of business info

The library at the Anderson School of Management at UCLA has an interesting page on its site called Business Info A-Z that offers links to resources in an easily navigated index format.

Also notable is the DBs Best for... page, which essentially offers a scaled down version of a couple of our subject guides but puts it all one a single page.

D&B Million Dollar Database -- UPDATE

The problem below is solved as of 6/23/06 afternoon.

For several days now, D&B Million Dollar Database has been inaccessible with the message that we have reached our max. users (which is only 1). This is aparently one person logging on repeatedly from off campus. We are trying to determine how to remedy this situation.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wikipedia revising open-editing policy

According to the NYT (Growing Wikipedia Revises Its Anyone Can Edit Policy," 6/17/06, p.A1, Katie Hafner) the Wikipedia has begun to "protect or freeze" some entries from open edits. Some are temporary periods of 4 days, designed to discourage vandals. Others are for longer periods.


New Book List feature in CUNY+

Eric showed those of us at his orientation session on Access Services a new feature of CUNY+-- the New Book List.
We are now able to create a list of newly added titles to the catalog. In Command Search use the WNB=nbl (new book list) to see all titles added within the last few (3?) months. The list can be further refined by adding a
an accurate subject heading. The My Account feature also allows one to run alerts, including searches in the catalog, which may be a feature faculty may also find useful. Until we get Eric back for a "return engagement" at an ISD meeting, check out the Help Screens in Aleph v.16 for additional new and improved features!

Add your content to an online map

WikiMapia allows anyone to add content to a version of the Google maps data. Here's what our neighborhood here at Baruch looks like. I created a place on the map that defined our library, added some tags to it, and put in a brief description (all of which can be edited by anyone under the sun).

Found via Libraryman.

Guest Login – Reference Desk

The window does not open to enter the user's data. I rebooted the computer and the window still did not open. I called Theresa and sent a help desk request.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Statistical Abstract tables now in EXCEL

Tables in Stat Abs now appear in EXCEL format. I haven't yet determined if all tables are available. A link to the free Excel table viewer is provided.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

National Urban Fellows (NUF) students

The NUF program has started with almost 60 new, incoming students. They have visited the library for a brief overview of resources and services, and also had a 90 minute workshop covering electronic information research skills. Most of their assignments and projects cover public affairs related topics and/or require information discussing non-profits. They have Baruch Graduate student privileges. The NUF website provides an overview of the program.

Wikipedia founder warns college students

The Wired Campus blog, which can be found on the Chronicle of Higher Education site, reported yesterday on a conference where Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, admits that college students should be wary when using the Wikipedia as a source:
It is pretty good, but you have to be careful with it,” he said. “It’s good
enough knowledge, depending on what your purpose is.”

Read the full story on the Wired Campus blog.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Passwords in the Wiki

The entry for "Passwords" in the reference wiki has been substantially revised. Until recently, this page only offered an overview of all the passwords that our users have to manage (Blackboard, Baruch e-mail, etc.). Now, this page also has a section labeled "Passwords for Library Staff" that replaces the "Reference Passwords" page found on the Ref Desk Links site (this older page listed all the miscellaneous resources that need logins: Chronicle of Higher Education, JAMA, etc.) I've added a number of resources to the older version of the list, notably:
  • Library Journal: full text access back to 1987
  • TIME Magazine: full text access back to 1923

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cornell Students Using the Library

A group of 37 Cornell students are participating in a mini course sponsored by the Zicklin School of Business from June 5 - June 23. They have been given access to the library (for studying only, no borrowing) during that time. They all have Cornell ID cards.

Student Printer Down Today

Saad announced this morning that the student printer, Pharos, will be down the whole day today because of a software upgrade on the server in BCTC.

Baruch students who are enrolled in Summer Session One and need to print today should be directed to the BCTC lab on the 6th floor. Please do not send any other requests for printing upstairs since the vendor printer is working.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Vendor card printer, part II

The vendor card printer has been replaced. However, we are still experiencing service problems with Copico. They are not replenishing the paper as quickly as we would like. Since the vendor printer is UNLOCKED, we think it possible that students are removing paper from our printers to place in there. We have no access to the vendor printer paper supply which is locked up in the cabinets in the printing/copy room.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

SEC adds podcasts for investor information

The Securities & Exchange Commission recently added some podcasts to its web site that are related to learning about investments.

Reuters Workshops This Summer

The Subotnick Center will offer Reuters workshops during both summer sessions. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, June 20 - Reuters I from 1:15 - 2:30 pm
Wednesday, June 28 - Reuters I from 2:30 – 3:45 pm
Tuesday, July 18 - Reuters I from 2:30 – 3:45 pm
Thursday, July 20 - Reuters I from 2:30 – 3:45 pm
Monday, July 24 - Reuters II from 2:30 – 3:45 pm

The schedule and on-line sign-up forms are posted on the library website.

Vendor card printer now working again


Monday, June 05, 2006

New report on NYC's loss of subsized housing

Today's Gotham Gazette mentions a new Community Services Society study Closing the Door: Accelerating Losses of New York City's Subsidized Housing. It has a good short history. The link also has references to other reports.

Book at reference desk

Brooklyn College librarian Jim Castiglione will pick up a book that is in the box at the reference desk for pick-ups. I put a post-a-note on the book. It will need to checked out. Rita

Student printing accounts for summer session 1 & 2

Students enrolled in just summer session 1 or summer session 2 have $30 (300 pages).

Students enrolled in both summer sessions have $30 for summer session 1 and, when summer session 2 starts, a new $30 balance. Any unused amount from summer session 1 may not be carried over to summer session 2.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Information Studies Minor

If students approach you at the reference desk asking about the Information Studies minor, please ask them for their name and e-mail address so we can keep in touch with them. I've put a clip board at the desk to use for this list. We will also have copies of the Fall IS course schedule at the desk for distribution. Please help us sell the program to our students.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Copiers Not Working

I just reported to Copico that all the copiers on the third floor (#3730, 3728, 3694, 3698 and 3697) are out of order as well as the copier on the 2nd floor (#5062) and the 4th floor (#3699).

Chancellor & University Reports (CUNY)

The Chancellor/University Reports archives, which go back to September 2004, are accessible along with the current Reports from My Page at

New blog on library assessment is a just launched blog that describes itself as:
a blog for and by librarians interested in academic library service assessment, evaluation and improvement....

The definition of academic library assessment used here is very broad. We’re interested in discussions about any activities that seek to measure the library’s impact on teaching, learning and research as well as initiatives that seek to identify user needs or gauge user perceptions or satisfaction with the overall goal being the data-based and user-centered continuous improvement of our collections and services.

We’re also looking to share information about local research and good practice, post notices about assessment and evaluation-related research, presentations and publications as well as announcements of conferences and other professional learning opportunities.

Vendor Card Printer not working

Theresa informed me that work is being done on the Vendor Card printer. She placed a "out of order" sign on the printer. It will hopefully be fixed shortly.

Calculators for Summer Sessions

Calculators are available for semester-summer-session loans to students registered for summer session classes. Students need to go to the 3rd floor Laptop loan window for the calculators.

Problems with Students Login

Some students are not able to logon to the library computers (both continuing and new students). Please send them to the BCTC 6th floor HelpDesk. BCTC said that some students will need to have their passwords re-set, after a technical "issue" this morning.

A professor's view of information commons

A post on Tommorow's Professor Blog republishes an essay by Michael L. Rodgers and David A. Starrett, both of Southeast Missouri State University, about the value of the information commons.