Saturday, March 19, 2005

List of topics and subjects in this blog

I added a feature to this blog allowing you to view a list topics that have been covered in individual postings. Say, for example, you recall that there was a posting on the subject of the FARS disks, but you can't remember when it was on the blog. You can of course continue to use the search box on the right side of the page, but you can now also click the link labeled "List of Topics and Subjects in Blog Postings" (above the search box on the right side of the page) and be taken to a page listing all the topics of postings on this blog. You'll see that FARS is among the topics listed on A-Z list of "tags" on this page; click FARS and you'll see on a list of the blog posts on FARS.

The A-Z list of tags may also be useful in another way. If you want review some of the posts that have been put up since we launched the blog in September 2004, you now have a way to navigate those postings by subject.

To set this A-Z list of tags up, I created a free account with a web-based service called This service allows you save your bookmarks on a web page and to tag each bookmark with an infinite number descriptive tags that you define. If you want to learn more about, this page on the site explains it in greater detail.

As new posts get added, I'll continue to tag them. If you have any suggestions or comments or concerns about these tags, please let me know.

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