Wednesday, October 26, 2005

DOI's in OECD Publications

Diane, Mike, Rita and I met with Joachim Doll of OECD on Monday. One of the new initiatives the OECD is working on is to imbed Digital Object Identifiers (DOI's) in their publications. To see how these work, open SourceOECD from our Information Resources page and click on the tab marked "At a Glance" to find an online copy of the OECD Factbook . Choose one of the sections on economic, social or environmental indicators. The chapters on each indicator include definitions, data collection policy, a summary of long-term trends, links to sources, data (exportable to Excel), charts, and a link to the full chapter in PDF format. When you use the PDF version of the Factbook all the tables and charts will have DOI's (OECD calls them StatLinks). Clicking on the StatLink for any chart will open a spreadsheet with the chart and the data behind it.

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