Wednesday, December 07, 2005

CUFTS tool for indexing and full text information

Some of us may remember the handy and free resource called JAKE that allowed you to look up indexing and full text access information for a given periodical. JAKE is now defunct, but you can find similar info (though not as detailed) in

There is now another free tool online-this one courtesy of the librarians at Simon Fraser University--that seems to do the same thing JAKE used to: CUFTS. You can find the journal look up feature for CUFTS at

One particularly neat trick that CUFTS can peform is a side-by-side comparison of journal access in different databases, which can be done here on the CUFTS site.

For more info on CUFTS, here's the PDF of the slides from a presentation about it given by Simon Fraser librarian Kevin Stranack about it.

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