Tuesday, July 08, 2008

SimNet exam requests for Excel books and Books 24x7

The last few days those of us at the reference desk have had a number of inquiries for books on Excel to help students prepare for the SimNet exam. A number of recent books located by searching CUNY+ were found to be checked out or reported missing. I would like to recommend Books 24X7 as a source of full text recent books on Excel.

One that looks very helpful is Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Formulas and Functions for Dummies.

It is found on Books 24x7 but was not located searching CUNY+, either by title or subject or keyword.

A question has arisen then whether all books available in Books 24x7 are included in CUNY+?

The Books 24x7 link to the title Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Formulas and Functions
for Dummies is http://library.books24x7.com/toc.asp?bookid=18136

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Michael said...

At this point most Books 24x7 are not included in CUNY+. It it something we are working on.