Saturday, November 01, 2008

RefWorks troubles

There's a problem with the link to RefWorks on the database page. I think it links to the RW website, which doesn't allow one to start a new account, only to log into an existing one. A student alerted me to the problem. She was very frustrated since she came to the library, having assumed that the problem was one of remote access. I've left her name and e-mail address (in a folded piece of paper labelled REFWORKS PROBLEM) in the drawer under the phone so that someone may respond to her. Thanks


Rita said...

I want to report that Theresa has been working with me on my problems with using RefWorks and they are also looking into the classrooms.

I haven't tried access from home for RefWorks. Has anyone else?

Michael said...

Saad and I have been trying to solve this as well.