Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Textbook Rentals

While helping a student find a web site for used textbooks I discovered a site where students can rent textbooks for a semester. http://www.chegg.com/ According to the site, students can save 65-85% off the list price. It's still not cheap, but can save students a lot of money for books they'll only need for one course. They have a chat service on the site as well.

Here's an example from their FAQ:
With Chegg there are no monthly subscription fees or hidden charges. Each textbook has a specific rental fee, which is dependent on the ISBN. Shipping fees are dependent on the shipment method chosen. The average rental price on Chegg is 60% lower than the list price!

Biology (7th Edition) is listed at $158.67. Rent it on Chegg for $71.40 - 56% savings!
Calculus (5th Edition) is listed at $180.95. Rent it on Chegg for $62.09 - 66% savings!

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Linda Rath said...

I've read about Chegg, both good and bad.

Chegg has received many negative reviews for poor customer service (it is difficult to talk to a live person to resolve problems; no response to emails, etc.) and delivery of books takes much longer than the estimated date.

Depending on the book, Amazon may be less expensive or faster than Chegg (often with Amazon,you do not need to pay for shipping and books arrive earlier than their estimated date of arrival).

There are other book rental sites that have textbooks, such as CampusBookRentals.com and