Saturday, February 07, 2009


I've cut and paste the following description of a problem logged over a year ago because a student came to me today with the same problem. I've left her e-mail address in the pen drawer next to the south ref. computer, with a note "westlaw problem" so that someone is able to get back to her. (Obviously, the problem is off-campus access)

Here's what the student reported in chat and on the phone when asked about where the problem was cropping up:
  • she connected via the Databases page and successfully passed through our remote access authentication screen asking for a Baruch username and password
  • when Westlaw Campus loads, she is prompted in the database itself to type in a Westlaw client ID and password (which she, of course, is not able to successfully get past)
  • other databases do work for her at the moment; it's only Westlaw giving her trouble

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Michael said...

1. The problem reported last year had been solved, that's why this particualr problem did not repeat.

2. I was able to log-in from home and search and retrieve materials under the Law tab without getting prompted by a password. I got prompted by a password when searching the News tab.

3. Trying it just now here on campus, I was able to search and retrieve materials under both tabs.

4. I have called West and they are investigating.