Monday, January 03, 2005

New York Times changing their stock tables

You probably saw this notice in the NYT today, but I thought it would good to have posted on the blog. I think this will impact some assignments.

From the New York Times

Headline: About World Business and the Stock Tables,C1 1/3/2005:

Beginning tomorrow, the World Business section and the daily stock market tables will be combined into the main Business Day section. The Times will make its daily financial listings more concise by condensing some tables and eliminating secondary ones.

The shift is a response to the increasing cost of newsprint and the growing use of listings online. It permits the consolidation of each day's entire business news report and statistics in a single section.

The tables for the Nasdaq small-capitalization market, preferred stocks and foreign stocks are being eliminated, as are the tables for active bond issues, stock exchange bond trading, trading in agency and zero-coupon bonds, cash prices for commodities and daily gold prices. The daily futures table will include prices for the active near-month contract only. A table for trading in corporate bonds will be added.

The daily tables for the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq stock market will be consolidated. They will continue to show the 52-week high and low for each stock but will no longer show the daily high and low. A rotating column will list each stock's price-to-earnings ratio, dividend and yield. The P/E ratio will appear on Tuesday and Friday, the dividend on Wednesday and Saturday and the yield on Thursday.

Full information about stocks and mutual funds will remain online at

Comments about the changes may be e-mailed to or telephoned to (212)556-3715.

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