Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Text of Bluesocket message on public PCs

As a follow up to Louise's previous posting about revising the message that appears on public PCs about the Bluesocket system for logging in, I am posting the actual text of that screen message here:

A Bluesocket network authentication process starts by opening the Internet browser. Small logout/status window will appear on the lower right corner of the screen.

To end your session you must click on Logout. Closing this window (clicking ‘x’) will allow others to use your account. In case you close it unintentionally, click on the Login-Logout icon on the desktop to logout and end your session.

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Jerry said...

I have mixed feelings about the bluesocket message. On the one hand, I am not sure the message makes it clear enough that it is talking about the pop up box. I also think the first two sentences of the second paragraph might be confusing -- perhaps they should be changed slightly and the order should be reversed. I think it should say, "If you inadvertently close the bluesocket box and forget to logout, students using this computer after you will have access to your account."

On the other hand, it appears that students may actually be understanding the message as written. I asked two students yesterday if they understood what the message said. One said she understood it. She was merely having trouble locating the login/logout icon to click out to re-open the bluesocket box which she had accidently closed. Another student said he had no problem following the instructions.

Also, when I cam in at 8:15 Weds. morning, all the machines that were not in use on the second floor had clearly be correctly logged off and had the bluesocket message on the screen. So perhaps are users understand it enough as is.

Stephen Francoeur said...

Here's my version. Hope this is a bit clearer:

Don’t let someone surf the web using your logon account!

After you log in to this machine, you must leave the small logout window open in the lower right corner of the screen (the window says “bluesocket” and “Click to Logout”). When you are done using this computer, you must click “Click to Logout”. If you accidentally close this logout window before you are done, click the Login-Logout icon on the desktop to logout.