Tuesday, February 22, 2005

VITA Program Update

Here is the latest information concerning the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program:

1. The students will be staffing the service in room 320, 3 days per week, Weds-Fri.
2. The exact hours will be posted as soon as I get a definitive listing.
3. They intend to move their supplies in on Tuesday, Feb. 22 and begin the service on Weds., Feb 23rd, but that is only their intention (please don't tell patrons that the service is actually up and running until an announcement to that effect is posted).
4. Patrons who wish to reach the VITA program should call 646-312-1647. They can leave voicemail messages if they choose.
5. They may also call Dean Ron Aaron at 646- 312-4570. Dean Aaron is the adviser to the program. Please do not refer calls to Annette or anyone else on the library staff.

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