Friday, March 28, 2008

Sharing slides on the web

As you can see from the above slide presentation (you may have to go to the reference blog itself if you're reading this as an email message), is a service where you can upload your slide presentations and make them publicly viewable. The presentation here is one that Mike, Lisa, Joe, Rita, and I are about to give later this afternoon at the Teachinng and Technology conference; instead of printing out a bunch of handouts of our slides, we've put them on Slideshare so not only our attendees can decide if they want to print the slides (or view them again) but also so the whole world can.

Slideshare offers a number of tools that make it easy to disseminate your presentations globally. Users can:
  • Link to your presentation
  • Download it in its original format
  • Embed it in blog posts (as I've done here)

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