Thursday, May 14, 2009

Company History

At the last practicum we discussed an assignment about company histories. An entrepreneurship class has to find out about the history, management and strategy of a company before it went public. They need to answer the question: why did the company go public? To get the basic facts about who was the founder or CEO and when the company went public, the best source is the International Directory of Company Histories which is available in our reference collection (HD2721 .I54) and online in the Business and Company Resource Center. BCRC also includes Notable Corporate Chronologies.

Students that I worked with found the best information came from Business Source Premier using some creative searching. Interviews with the CEO’s had great information (Use the CEO’s name or ‘Executives’ and the subject term ‘Interviews’). You can also search BSP with the index term ‘Going Public (Securities).’

If the CEO was a well known figure (we were looking at Dave Thomas of Wendy’s) the Biography Reference Bank was useful since it had profiles from Current Biography and links to current articles. The Biography Resource Center includes Business Leader Profiles for Students which is simple but helpful for chronologies.

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