Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sources for Advertising Metrics

A couple of patrons came to the desk this morning looking for advertising metrics for audience reach including CPM (Cost Per Thousand). The following sources will have data on advertising audiences and reach:
  • TVB (Television Advertising Bureau) Online Go to Research Central and choose Ad Revenue Track.
  • TV dimensions 2009. - Stacks, non-circulating - HE 8700.8 .T917
  • SRDS Media Solutions. In addition to television, other mediums like radio, newspapers and outdoor advertising are also covered.

Also, today I received another question today from a patron about the advertising revenues for the top newpaper/magazine publications.

  • Advertising Age. This information is found in the Data Center online, but we do not subscribe to the Data Center. But it's also available in the print version--Advertising Age Annual 2009. We have this issue on microform.
  • Magazine publication advertising revenues are available from the Magazine Publishers of America.

These sources and more are available from Peggy Teich's comprehensive Advertising Subject Guide. Let me know if you'd like me to make you a copy.

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