Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Print subscriptions to Times (London) and Washington Post ends

Doug Duchin announced on BBLIB today:

We are canceling The Times (London, England : 1788), the Sunday Times (London, England : 1931) and the Washington Post in hard copy. Both the Times and the Post are available full text to date online. We will continue to purchase the microfilm copies. The paper edition of the Times is $1,175 this year and arrives about 7-10 days late. The Washington Post is $852 a year and arrives several days late. Neither have enough circulation in paper to warrant the expense.

As an addendum, let me note where full text access is for these: The Times is inLexisNexis and Custom Newspapers from 7/1/1985 on; The Washington Post is in LexisNexis from 1/1/1977 (other databases have it, but not as far back).

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