Monday, October 04, 2004

Three ways to subscribe to this blog

One of the cool things about blogs is that to see if there is new content, you don't necessarily have to load the blog's web page on your browser. There are a number of other ways to be notified of and view newly posted entries in a blog. Imagine, for example, that there are two or three blogs that you view daily. What if you could see in one place (one screen) a list of each of those blogs and all the new postings that have been put up since you last visited?

Here are three ways you can do that:

(1) Register (for free) at Bloglines. You set up an account on this site and enter in the URLs for the feeds (a specific URL that "feeds" blog postings in a standardized layout) into a box on the Bloglines page. Or you can just click the "Subscribe with Bloglines" button on the right side of our Reference at Newman Library blog. Once you set up an account with Bloglines, you can log in to the site from any computer and check to see if there are any new postings since you last logged in.

(2) Set a My Yahoo page (free registration required). Then click the "+My Yahoo!" button on the right side of our blog.

(3) Use the Mozilla Firefox browser. To download and install this great new browser (view multiple web pages in tabs rather than separate windows; built in Google search box; built in pop-up blocker) you'll need to get Systems' permission. In Firefox, you can view blog postings in the list of Bookmarks on the browser toolbar.

I hope to make a presentation about this at the next IS Division meeting. In the meanwhile, you may want to check out these pages about what blogs are really about:

- the best intro to what blogs and feeds herald for the library world:

- My Yahoo page about what RSS (and blogs) are:

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