Thursday, November 11, 2004

Accounting 2101 Take Home Quiz help

Two students, at least, from Accounting 2101, have asked for assistance today on a take home assignment relating to bond amortization tables and journal entries for the bonds.

I realized that one is an example of a bond sold at a discount, and the other is of a bond sold at a premium.

I found some examples in older textbooks that provide good explanations of what is needed. The students will also need a present value table and a future value table. The excerpt from Introduction to Financial Accounting, 7th Edition, has an extract of these tables. (There are other sources but this is the first accounting class for these students.) These tables might be in the textbook, but the student I tried to help didn't have her book with her.

I put the photocopied pages in a purple folder labeled Accounting 2101 Assignment help and it is in the Assignment folder in the top draw of the files at the Reference desk.

If there are other students, you can refer them to me. I can show them the sources.


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