Monday, November 22, 2004

Authentication Required for Wireless Access

The CUNY IT Steering Committee recently adopted a policy "that security, authentication and access control be required on all wireless networks across the university." Baruch initiated user authentication on its wireless network a few weeks ago in the School of Public Affairs and today in the Vertical Campus. As early as Tuesday, November 22 authentication will be extended to the Library and Technology Building. Users will be required to enter a username and password once a browser is opened on their laptop computer. For students the username is the same Baruch username for Blackboard, Pharos and WebMail. The password is their PIN. For faculty and staff, the username and password are the same as those required for login at the desktop computer in their office. Access to the wireless network is restricted to currently-enrolled Baruch College students and Baruch College faculty and staff. The policy is posted on the college's web site. Members of the Baruch community who experience login difficulties should be referred to the help desk at 646-312-1010.

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