Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Update on library website redesign

Here's an update (recently e-mailed to BBLIB) from the Web Oversight Committee about the redesign of the library website:

The Web Oversight Committee has been drafting an “Invitation to Bid” that will be sent out to a list of qualified vendors we have identified. The “Invitation to Bid” is a document that describes the scope of the redesign project to potential vendors and outlines how the work will proceed. We have been working with the College’s Office of Purchasing and Auxiliary Services to get the boilerplate language that explains the bidding and selection process.

Once the committee has the language in place, we will distribute a draft document to faculty and staff. We would like then to hold an open meeting where faculty and staff can comment and provide feedback on the “Invitation to Bid”. Once suggestions have been reviewed and incorporated, the document will be ready to be sent to vendors. We hope to hold this meeting in the next week or so. An e-mail notice will be sent as soon as we have a complete-enough version of the Invitation to Bid to warrant a meaningful discussion.

We are also creating a list of vendors that will receive the Invitation to Bid. We are limiting our list to experienced web design companies in the New York metropolitan area so that it shouldn't be a problem for the company that is selected to be able to meet with us regularly once the contract is awarded. We are using sources such as the New York State Office of General Services list of firms previously awarded state contracts and design directories to compile the list. If you have a suggestion for our consideration, please let us know.

If you have any questions about the redesign process, please do not hesitate to ask any member of the committee:

- Saad Abulhab
- Stanton Biddle
- Stephen Francoeur
- Rita Ormsby
- Michael Waldman

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