Wednesday, April 05, 2006

High school library visits

Several classes from the Baruch College HS will be in today, 4/5, tomorrow, 4/6, and Friday, 4/7, looking for books to take out. They have been taught how to use the catalog, but may not have, as I just found out, library cards set up. They will be here primarily between 10 and noon.
I'd like feedback on how the visits work. Thanks, Diane


Stephen Francoeur said...

There's a page in the wiki on "Baruch College Campus High School Students" that could use more info if anyone has it. According to Saad, the students don't have remote access to databases, which I was surprised to learn.

Stephen Francoeur said...

Wed. visit will be 10:15-11:05. Thur. visit will be 10:15-12:00 (2 classes). Fri. visit will be 10:15-11:00.