Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Two New Items from SourceOECD

The 2006 OECD Sourcebook is now available in SourceOECD. If you didn't see this new title when it came out last year, have a look. It covers all types of economic indicators including population, labor, prices, energy, education, science and technology, and the environment. This year there is a new category, "Economic Globalization," and the "Quality of Life" chapter added data on recreation and culture. The key feature is the historical time series data (exportable to excel) but students will like the introductory text that defines the indicators, looks at trends and provides links to other reports. This year OECD added coverage of key non-OECD members including Brazil, China, Russian Federation and South Africa.

The other new item is the OECD Index of Statistical Variables, an "A to Z" list of frequently-requested economic indicators. The list provides links to ready-made Excel tables and links to the database or publication where the variable is found. Data comes from a wide range of OECD publications including the Main Economic Indicators, OECD Economic Outlook, National Accounts and Country Surveys.

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