Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Country Risk

These are the top sources to use for country risk analysis:

Business Monitor Online
Business Monitor’s Country Risk reports provide monthly analysis of the political, economic and business risk in 80 countries. Several kinds of risk reports are available. Risk Ratings for politics and the economy cover both the long and short term. Business environment risk is a measure of the investment climate measured by finance, competitiveness, openness and the environment. The BMI View is a risk summary given in the form of a SWOT analysis.

Economist Intelligence Unit. RiskWire
From Factiva
RiskWire's daily news bulletins report on ten areas of risk analysis for global business: security, political stability, government effectiveness, legal and regulatory, macroeconomics, foreign trade & payments, tax policy, labor markets, financial, and infrastructure. They rate each of these areas in the monthly “Risk Overviews.”

Institutional Investor. Country Credit Ratings
Institutional Investor magazine publishes Country Credit Ratings twice a year in its March and September issues. Sovereign risk analysts rate 172 countries on their credit quality based on political and economic factors and the chance of default.

PRS Group. International Country Risk Guide
PRS Group. Political Risk Service

From LexisNexis
The PRS Risk Service provides in-depth analysis and forecasts of the political and economic conditions in 85 countries. The International Country Risk Guides rate risk in over 130 countries. In addition to the composite risk rating, rating are given for political, financial and economic risk. Each report includes a list of “Items to Watch for” and a one-year business forecast.
To search these publications in LexisNexis begin at the Sources tab and choose “Country and Region Reports.” Select either title by putting a check mark in the box and then click on the “OK-Continue” button to proceed to the Search screen. Type in your search with the country name and date like this: Country(Sudan) and Date=2006.

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