Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Research tips for the audit failure assignment

Prof. Cherny's ACC 5400 class is working on the audit failure assignment. Each student has one of 12 audit failure cases to write a 10 page paper on, including things such as what the student things could have been done by the auditor to help prevent the audit failure. Most of these cases involve fraud of some type.

I've prepared a handout of research tips showing how to find the SEC's Accounting and Auditing Enforcement releases, legal decisions, journal and newspaper articles, the Statements on Auditing Standards, and financial statements, or excerpts, for companies prior to electronic filings through Edgar, as well as psychology articles relating to evaluating risk and human behavior, as well as some web sites.

(One of the cases is Crazy Eddie. Sam Antar, a cousin of Crazy Eddie's, who testified against his cousin, and for the government in the fraud case, spoke at Baruch two years ago, and this is in the digital media collection. He also has a website, www.whitecollarfraud.com.)

I've posted the handout on the shared Numan drive, under IS, instructional materials, works in progress, Research Tips for the Audit Failure Assignment 04152008.

I've emailed a copy to Prof. Cherny for posting on the class Blackboard site.

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