Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Research consultations for spring 2008

As I have been taking vacation days lately so I can complete an article I've been writing, I've been working closely with Alfredo to ensure that the research consultations go as smoothly as possible this semester. Yesterday was the first day of consultations; next Thursday (April 17) will be the last. Each day, Alfredo is:
  • emailing students who have signed up and asking them to email back with confirmation and any details on the questions they'll be asking us
  • distributing a daily schedule to the librarians doing consultations for that day
  • making sure that librarians have the paperwork on hand in advance of their appointments
    • reference desk referral form (same blue sheet we use with students at the reference desk)
    • student survey form
    • librarian summary report
When you have consultations scheduled for the day, please make sure that you:
  • remind your students to fill out the survey form and leave it in the box at the reference desk
  • fill out the summary report and get it to me
  • email me or Alfredo to let us know who came and who didn't

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