Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Peace Education sources

A student inquired by email this afternoon about sources available relating to Peace Education.
It is for a communications class. He didn't provide any other details. It might also be referred to as "peace studies" or "conflict resolution" courses (conflict resolution being broader than peace studies)

In case it comes up again, here are some possible resources:

U.S. Institute of Peace: http://www.usip.org/

UNESCO, a part of the United Nations sponsors an annual peace education award and also has sources for teachers.

You can search the UNESCO site at:http://portal.unesco.org/search/en/search_advanced.html

Here are some possible databases for Baruch students:

CUNY+--tried title search peace studies
Academic Search Premier,
CIAO--a database of international studies, etc.

ERIC--peace education or peace studies brought up articles

Factiva--limit to education and/or universities and colleges in subject, with a keyword search

The Harvard Education Review is available through Factiva and I found some articles related to Peace Education there.

Also, on Lexis-Nexis you can search the University Wire to see what is happening/being reported in college newspapers and the university wire, as well as other news sources.

Search Education Full Text and Humanities Full Text at the same time.

Philosophy Index--I tried peace education and came up with some peer-reviewed articles.

Women and Social Movements--could be searched for peace education. This might give some historic perspective.

I also tried Bearcat search for "peace studies" in title, and limited the search to 2007 and selected education, philosophy, and news. I received 133 hits, some of which were computer related articles, so I will examine the results again.

I hope this is helpful. It appears that a number of colleges/universities are beginning to offer these courses..and the movement is international.

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