Friday, May 23, 2008

Baruch Student Laser Printing Update

The Baruch College Student Technology Fee Committee voted to increase the charge for b&w laser prints against student printing allocations. Effective June 2, each print will result in a deduction of $0.12 from a student printing account. The deduction for a color print will remain $1.00. These charges only apply to Baruch student printing accounts, not copicard laser printing.

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Stephen Francoeur said...

When I asked Christian Keck in BCTC about the total amount students will have for summer printing, he sent me this reply:

Each student will receive a $30.00 balance for each session of summer classes they are enrolled in and have paid their bill. Remember they have to be registered for classes and have paid their bill. So the breakdown is 250 sheets per session at the cost of .12 cents per page.