Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Reference Titles

Manhattan Block by Block: A Street Atlas (At Reference Desk)
A small pocket atlas but the most detailed map of Manhattan I’ve seen. Not only transportation routes but house numbers and places of interest, schools, hospitals and apartments (named).

Statistical Abstract of the United States (Reference Desk and REF HA202 .A4 2008)
The list of “New Tables” added this year is three pages long. Some additions are grandparents living with children, cosmetic surgery procedures, workplace violence, tribal gaming revenues, wildland fires, revenues of internet service providers, charitable contributions by state, and carbon dioxide emissions

Ibbotson SBBI Yearbook (REF HG4501 .S7949 2008)
SBBI stands for stocks, bonds bills and inflation and this yearbook is a compilation of historical data measuring return on investments. Ibbotson was recently bought by Morningstar but the yearbook remains the same. New additions this year include retirement savings guidelines based on age, current income level and current savings in the chapter on “Wealth Forecasting with Monte Carlo Simulation.” A new table (on page 106) summarizes the major indices of the U.S. equity markets.

Commodity Market Review (REF HD1401 .F63a 2007/2008)
This biennial from the FAO is a collection of in-depth articles on current issues. This edition covers the Brazilian orange juice sector, the coffee and cocoa sectors, foreign direct investment and agri-food value chains, technical regulations for food exports and imperfect competition and agriculture.

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