Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New database available: The Corporate Library

The following database, The Corporate Library, was requested by numerous accountancy faculty. It is a leading source for corporate governance and executive compensation information and data, so it can be helpful for students and faculty in a number of disciplines. Data from The Corporate Library is frequently cited in news articles and research studies.

Thanks to Mike Waldman for working with The Corporate Library and CUNY to make it happen.

Here's what's posted on the Newman Library website:

The Corporate Library, an independent investment research firm, provides data and risk assessment tools to analyze, model and assess corporate governance, compensation and performance practices of 3,200 U.S. and Canadian publicly-traded companies and about 40,000 executives and directors. Historical data from 2001-2007 accessible through WRDS.

The Corporate Library also has a web site, www.thecorporatelibrary.com. We do not have a subscription to the reports and analysis available on their web site, Our subscription is for only the data available through WRDS. (The faculty requests were for the historical data, and there was only so much money available.)

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