Friday, August 15, 2008

About the "Newsweek books" and boxes of books in the closet of Room 135

The storage closet off Room 135 is being used to temporarily store some boxes of books that we have received from the Newsweek library (due to their upcoming move.) I have been going through these boxes and taking out the books that I think would be possible additions to our collection. (Mike and his staff will then work to see what might be duplicates and what to add to the collection.) These books have been placed on the white storage shelves and I have placed a sign to save them. Many of the books to be added are on music, theater, art, New York-related topics, or political science/social issues or biographies or company histories.

The boxes of books not to be added have been marked with the type of books the box contains. Many of the boxes have older yearly statistical compilations, or titles that I know we already have. We are expecting another delivery of books from Newsweek on Tuesday afternoon.

I will see that the boxes of books result in the smallest interference of the use of this closet as possible. If you have any comments/questions, please let me know.

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