Monday, August 25, 2008

Tips for reporting e-resource problems

If an e-resource is not accessible, the fastest way to get help is to contact me directly by email.

I do receive copies of blog postings, but as a rule, only read them in "down times," whereas an email message with a subject heading saying that you can't access "X" becomes my immediate priority and helps me track the problem through its resolution.

To expedite resolving a problem, in your email please include if possible:

- Was the person accessing the resource on campus or off campus?

- Were they coming from our database page, our Full Text Journals page from Serials Solutions, or from somewhere else (especially if they were accessing from off-campus)?

- If accessing from off campus, where they able to get into any other resource that day? Have they been able to access resource remotely in the recent past?

- What was the error message you got? A screen shot would be very helpful if possible.

- It is useful if you can give me the exact steps the person took so I can try to recreate it.

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