Thursday, August 07, 2008

Question about incoming MBA students needing to print their resumes

How are people handling the requests for incoming MBA students who need to print their resumes for orientation? Because they have not yet started classes their printing accounts are not yet available. Some only need one copy of one page. To direct them to a vendor printer and guest log-in accounts doesn't seem the best way to welcome them to the library to me. I have been letting them print the resume at the reference desk, but I would like to know what others are doing.

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Frank said...

I've had two students ask me about this recently. I've told them that they can get their resumes printed for free, on bond paper, in the lab on the 6th floor. Details:

One person was more than happy to do that. The other was really pressed for time, so I printed it for them, but made it clear that this was a favor and not standard policy, and in the future they would have to use their student account (once they're activated) or the free resume option. I agree that, in these cases, putting them through the vendor printer routine seemed a little much.