Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Update on Printing for Incoming Grad Students

I talked this morning with Ginny Goldberg, Director of Graduate Student Life in Zicklin, about the problem of incoming grad students needing to print out their resumes, who are not yet eligible to use the Pharos printing system. She acknowledged that this was a "glitch" on her staff's part which will be addressed for future orientations. There are about 75 incoming fulltime MBA students who are supposed to bring their resumes to a workshop and redraft as necessary. Most of them have already done this; some are still redrafting. We agreed that the staff at the Reference Desk would print out the drafts at the desk for the rest of this week, but that for future orientation workshops like this, Ginny's staff would provide printing.

So for the next three days, please print out the resumes for the fulltime MBA students...it shouldn't be more than a handful of students.


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