Thursday, November 03, 2005

Methodology Limiters in PsychINFO

I just want to post to the blog a question and answer about PsychINFO that was on CULIBS-L this morning.

A psychology faculty member has pointed out that the ability to limit a
search with the "Content/Form" option has disappeared. For example, one
could do a search for a topic and limit it to a literature review by adding
CT 1300 to the search.

It looks like EBSCO has just broken them out into a new bundle of limiters. The to limit to "Literature Review" field is now in a set of limiters called "Methodology." The full list of limiters in this "Methodology" drop down is as follows:

- Clinical Case Study
- Empirical Case Study
- Experimental Replication
- Followup Study
- Longitudinal Study
- Prospective Study
- Retrospective Study
- Field Study
- Literature Review
- Mathematical Modeling
- Meta Analysis
- Nonclinical Case Study
- Qualitative Study
- Quantitative Study
- Treatment Outcome/Clinical Trial

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