Thursday, November 17, 2005

Update on the FARS assignment

I have placed 20 more copies of the handout explaining the sources available for the Financial Accounting Standards Board information which is needed for the FARS assignment in the reference desk file drawer with the other FARS information. I will be gone next week.

(Just as a refresher, FARS(Financial Accounting Research System) is the word that Wiley uses to package their student access to the Financial Accounting Standards Board's information. This same information is available in RIA Checkpoint and CCH. The free FASB website, lacks the current text of the FASB information. The current text is important for the students to access. Access to FARS Online is available through the most recent edition of Kieso's Intermediate Accounting. Not all students have this edition. Last year, the FARS CD was the method Wiley-FASB made available to students.)

I would suggest encouraging students to search the information using the databases RIA Checkpoint or CCH Business & Finance as these are online and may be used off campus. The FARS disks in the drawer are current as of June 2004 as the June 2005 disks are still back-ordered. The students may use these disks but then they also need to check to see if the information is still current and this can be done on RIA or CCH.

Most of the students have completed the assignment but apparently some classes received it later than others. The graduate students of Prof. Nurnberng need to consult the SEC's regulations and how to do this is provided in my handout.

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