Monday, November 14, 2005

Patron use of reference desk computers

As agreed upon at today's IS Division meeting, we will have a new policy regarding the way that we set up patrons on the two rear PCs in the reference desk. I've updated the Reference Handbook page on "Reference Desk Computers" to reflect this new policy:

There are a handful of CD-ROM databases that can only be accessed on the two rear reference desk computers (e.g., SDC Platinum). If patrons need to use one of these databases, please follow these steps in setting the patron up:

  1. Take the patron's ID card and place it in the reference desk drawer (just as we do for ready reference items that get borrowed).
  2. Set the patron up in a chair on the outside of the reference desk, not the inside.
  3. Remind the patron that the PC is to be used only for the specific requested database. Patrons should not use these terminals to search other databases (or do word processing, e-mail, etc.) It is of course OK for the patron to use Word or Excel on these machines as he/she is working in the requested database, as many patrons will need to download and save data into Word documents or Excel spreadsheets.
  4. When patron returns to the desk to pick up his/her ID card, return the card and immediately go over to the PC and swing the monitor back around so it is facing inward and place the keyboard and mouse back inside the reference desk.

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