Friday, November 18, 2005

Radio Advertising Bureau

The marketing reports from the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) database are a great free resource. Here is a description of it from our "Industry Information" subject guide:

Over 160 product and service sectors are covered in the “Instant Background” reports from RAB, the Radio Advertising Bureau. Service industries like dating services, museums, and overnight couriers, and small business sectors like chiropractors and drycleaners are featured in RAB. The reports present data on who buys, where they buy (company rankings), and their buying habits. It concludes with a forecast of business trends.

A link to the database and instructions for logging in can be found on the reference passwords page. There is no link to the RAB database from the library web site.

Thanks go out to Peggy Teich for letting the rest of us know about this valuable web site.

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