Thursday, February 14, 2008

Comment about a missing notebook

Thursday night Shayna Skarf came to the reference desk, with one of our security officers. She had called earlier Thursday about a blue hardcover notebook that she had left in the library.

She said someone told her it would be here. Ms. Skarf told the person earlier that she would get the notebook Friday, but she came instead on Thursday night.

We (Yvette and I) were been unable to find it and lost and found did not have it. Only after double checking with circulation was it located there. (Kay, the security officer, and Shayna also searched the fifth floor for the notebook.)

I am now wondering if Shayna spoke with someone in circulation rather than in reference but she said she had spoken to someone in reference.

If so, please post information in the future about such arrangements. It saves time and a lot of worries. The notebook contained dissertation research.

Thanks, Rita

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