Friday, February 15, 2008

Web of Science - PyscArticles - Problem

I received a call the other day from a grad student who was searching for Psychology articles in the Web of Science database. He was accessing the database on campus. He would do a search, and click on the full text button of some results. This brought him into PsycArticles Direct, where he was given an abstract and presented with the option to get the full text in pdf. When he clicks on this option, he's brought to a PsycArticle login screen that requests a name and password, and he's not allowed to proceed any further.

I tried this on the ref desk yesterday and was able to proceed, but got an error message that the pdf file was corrupted and not viewable. I just tried it again now from my office, and get the same screen that the student did.

I know we can get directly to the PyscArticles database from our database page, but the student expressed frustration of having to go to multiple places, when the Web of Science says it does have this article as full text and doesn't provide a direct link to PsycArticles.

Any thoughts? The student did send me a screen shot, but it is too large to post here. You can recreate the search by going into Web of Science and doing an author search for Marlowe and Crowne. You will get four results. Click on the full text for the last article to see the login screen.

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