Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Problem with Westlaw Campus Research

Several students reported in chat reference sessions today that they were unable to work with Westlaw Campus Research. Trying to access from off campus today, I encountered the following:
  1. I was able to log in remotely
  2. I was able to enter my search query in Westlaw
  3. Instead of seeing my search results displayed, I saw instead a Westlaw page asking me to login.

Not sure if this is just a remote access problem or something more global in our Westlaw access.


Linda Rath said...

I was able to log-in to Westlaw last night (Feb. 12) remotely, and was able to view my results. I tried several search types and viewed different document types. I was not asked to log-in again or for a Westlaw log-in. (I was responding to an email question from home and thought I should see if I would have the same problem as the students.) Perhaps it was a temporary tech. issue? I will check again tonight (Feb. 13). -Linda

Stephen Francoeur said...

It's a little after 9 pm, and from my PC at home, I still can't get my search results. After clicking the "search" button, I see a Westlaw login page. Another oddity that I just noticed is that there are now two choices when I first get into Westlaw, which are presented as tabs allowing you to switch between two different database sets: News & Business or Law. Law is the not the default setting. I'm not sure if we are even subscribed to the "News & Business" content.

Rita said...

I think because there are a number of tax classes taught tonight that the maximum number of simultaneous users might have been met.

If there are too many, one is promted for the log in information.

The News/Law part of Westlaw has been available since last spring. I believe I blogged about it, but perhaps not. Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw are now both part of Thomson.

Rita said...

The posting about the News content was blogged in July, not last spring.