Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Marketing 3520 assignment re NY Yankees

Several students have come to the reference desk seeking demographics of those who attend NY Yankees baseball games. This is rather difficult information to find since the Yankees are privately held. (Perhaps students could try calling the Yankees' information office to see if this information is available. Asking people who attend the last games this weekend at the stadium may not be typical as it is the final series in the stadium.) I could not locate any statistical information about attendees on the Major League baseball website but once again, perhaps a phone call might be helpful.

Although the statistics are from 1998, the NYC Independent Budget Office produced some reports about attendees of games when NYC aid for construction of the new stadium was being considered. This report and others about the Yankees can be found at the IBO's web site and then search "Yankees."

had an article in July 2008 regarding the importance of Hispanic fans to baseball, which includes some information about the NY Yankees.

Hearing from Yankees fans, might also be possible through blogs. The economics of Yankees tickets, has some interesting comments, including that regular Joes have been priced out of the stadium, including many residents of the Bronx. Other comments include that regular families can only afford to attend one game a year.

I found some articles searching Factiva about how the Yankees led in attendance.

If anyone has any other ideas, please contribute.

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Rita said...

Donna Slawsky :
Challenging question. I did quite a bit of work on this Monday evening and sent an email to a couple of students in the class with the following information:

I found a report on Mediamark Reporter that may be helpful. Go to the library home page and click on 'databases'
Select MRI+ from the list of databases and click on it. Log on (you may need to register free)
Click 'Mediamark Reporter' on the home page of MRI+ (the tiny link I showed you)
Double click on 'Fall 2007 Product' from 'Choose a Report Volume' list
Double click on 'Leisure/Sports' on the right hand list
Select in the Category box 'Sports Events - Attend' (you can also look at Sports Events - Watch on TV right below this one)
Base is 'Total Adults'
Select Target 'Baseball one or more times a month'
Scroll down on the resulting table to 'Census Region Northeast' This is your region for the Yankees.
The resulting table on the right can be exported to Excel using the Spreadsheet button.

I also sent them this article, found in a Bearcat search for "baseball" and "market." I tried many other searches in Bearcat using various terms.

"Ball-Park Figures"
American Demographics. Ithaca: Oct 1989. Vol. 11, Iss. 10; p. 6 (1 page). This is what led me to Mediamark Reporter, since they were cited in the article as source of the data.

I also suggested:
Call the Yankees office and see if they have any information
Contact the Association of Major League Baseball See if they have a library (I'm sure they do) and contact the librarian or a research associate for a source. We may have it at Baruch or it may be available at another library in the city. The reference desk can help you find any source.

"SRDS The Lifestyle Market Analyst 2008" has a couple of pages for lifestyle habits and demographics for Watching Sports on TV. Call number: Ref HF5415.33.U6 L54 2008.