Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yankees and "Sports and Tourism"

Going on the hypothesis that a lot of resources exist about "cultural tourism" therefore a similar word strategy should work for the Yankees I ran a quick search experiment to see if a parallel might work to find information about the Yankees or more broadly other baseball teams or yet wider sports. Sure enough "sports and tourism" in a marketing database such as Business Source Premier led to a number of articles about sports attendance with at least marketing studies mentioned in the article abstract.

This is merely a starting point but possibly a helpful one. The search can be refined with "baseball" or "stadium" or other words or market or business oriented databases.

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Rita said...

Sandy has suggested the Bronx BID as a possible source.
I also though the Bronx Borough President's office might have some information because of the impact of the stadium on the Bronx. On the Borough President's web site there is a report, which is mainly photos