Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Helping with student printing accounts

With Christian Keck's permission, I am reposting an email he sent to Saad today about student printing accounts and why some students are unable to print. Saad forwarded the message to our BBLIB listserv, but I thought it would also be useful to share here, too.

Please keep in mind just because a student can log into the computers, does not mean they can print.

If the student has not paid their bill; or just paid their bill; or is not taking classes at Baruch this semester they will not be able to print. If they just paid their bill they can come to help desk and we can activate their account after verifying that they paid their bill. 75% of the calls/walk ins to the helpdesk have been that they forgot
their password and the rest of the calls have been they did not pay their bill or just paid their bill and they were not taking classes this semester.

The other issue if they have forgotten their password they will receive the message log in failed and they will need to come to the help desk to have their password reset.

The other item we have observed if the file is extremely large it will take some time to print. We have the same issue upstairs here with students as well and is not a
unique issue to the second floor.

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