Friday, January 23, 2009

Question about Bronx Community College Middle States report

While on the desk this morning someone called and said she had been told that the Baruch library had a copy of the Bronx Community College Middle States Report and wondered where it was. I couldn't find it on our website or in CUNY+ for either school. I called the Bronx Community College library and spoke to the chief librarian who said as far as she knew the report, in draft form, was on the Bronx Com College institutional research department's web page with restricted access since they are still working on it. The phone number of this department is 718 289 5156.

Unfortunately, my pen went dry when I was talking with the person and I don't know whom she was. (I did call John Choonoo and let him know.) So, in case the person calls back, this is the information.

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