Monday, January 05, 2009

Vendor printer not working

I submitted a help desk request (#3174) to report that the vendor card printing system is not working properly. Students are able to send their jobs to the vendor printer and see them listed in the print release station in the printing room, but when they try to actually print out those jobs, their copy cards are debited for the job but nothing ever comes out of the printer.


Stephen Francoeur said...

Saad just emailed me to let me know that the default paper size had been changed from letter to legal, which was creating the problem. He said that he and Teresa will find a way to lock down the paper selection menu to prevent this problem from happening again.

Linda Rath said...

The vendor printer does work, but the default setting is Legal size paper, which the printer does not recognize. Saad is working to remedy this problem. (The printer is set to Letter, but it continuously switches to Legal for some odd reason.)

Temporary solution:
Saad said the files will print out after we hit the "X Cancel" button on the printer panel, select Letter size (Choose Menu and then hit the checkmark button to choose Letter), and then hit the Back button on the printer.

I just helped a student and was able to print out his file. All I did was hit the "X Cancel" button on the printer after he selected his file, and it worked. I didn't have to switch to Letter size paper. This isn't ideal, but works for now. I hope this helps.