Wednesday, March 11, 2009

expatriate compensation in Mexico

I got an email reference about expatriate compensation in Mexico. It was referred from chat.

The student needs to research on expatriate expenditure, and it is the senario. "I am a Human Resource manager who needs to send a senior executive to Mexico as an expat. I need to know the salary, living expenses, and other compensation I need to provide (numbers or approximate amounts)."

I've tried a few databases, web sites, and references and found articles that discuss strategic planning about expatriate compensation, but not the compensation statistics or the amount of expenditure. Would any corporation reports may show the expatriate expenditure? Please let me know if you may recommend any sources for the question.


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Louise Klusek said...

I know two sources that businesses use for this kind of information. One is Mercer's Cost of Living Survey. A summary is available on their web site but the report itself costs over $500. The other source is from EIU and requires a subscription. It is their Worldwide Cost of Living.
I'd suggest searching Factiva too.