Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Green Consumer Profiles

A couple of students were looking for profiles on the "green consumer" this evening. Although it would seem like it should be simple to find reports on this market segment, we had some trouble finding market information for the segment. We finally came up with the following:

MarketResearch.com has a report entitled: Green Living - US by Mintel International Group Ltd. This comprehensive report covers 8 sectors of this market, trends, future, and demographics.
Warning: I searched for "green" when the student was at the desk, and this report didn't come up in the results. I only discovered it by seeing it mentioned in another reference. (!)

The primary source for this data seems to be LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) http://www.lohas.com/about.html.
From the web site:
"The LOHAS movement focuses on educating and providing resources for businesses and individuals on the market of healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Many businesses don’t know how to market to the LOHAS consumer nor to consumers know which companies are authentic in their branding as it relates to LOHAS values. LOHAS serves as the central hub for education, business resources, updated news, and annual business to business gathering of those fostering the LOHAS movement. The LOHAS shares information and innovative business practices that further promotes the LOHAS lifestyle beneficial to the future of our planet."

LOHAS breaks down the green consumer into market segments (see the "about" page link above) and give the size of each segment in US dollars. The data is from 2005. LOHAS also has a weekly newsletter that tracks the business and consumer trends in the green marketplace. Other sources are listed on the "about" page.

We also found a source on the Web at Green America's Green Business Network for consumer market research in their "Guide to the Green Marketplace" http://coopamerica.org/cabn/resources/greenmarketplace/marketresearch.cfm/ The page lists reports that are available for sale from various organizations. They're quite costly, although some site references to data in press releases and data available for free from previous years.

Other sources:
eMarketer report from 6/23/08: Green Consumer Demographics http://www.tvb.org/pdf/rcentral/Green_Consumer.pdf
Business Green.com 1/25/2008: Are you targeting the correct green consumers? http://www.businessgreen.com/business-green/analysis/2208073/spot-green-consumer

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